Review Policy

If you are a publisher, publicist, or author interested in having me review your book, please contact me.  Read everything below prior to sending a request.

My reviews include a star rating, publication information, and the Goodreads synopsis of the book. My reviews will also include my thoughts and may also include whether or not I would recommend the read.  Not all of my reviews are good (as in positive), but I will write a completely honest review of the book.

I will read and post the review in as timely of a manner as I am able, but if there is a specific date that it needs to be completed by, please let me know.

My reviews may also be posted on my Goodreads account, on retailer websites (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), and mentioned on my social media accounts.

Accepted formats:  A hard copy (ARC or finished copy) is preferred.  However, I will accept Kindle formats, as well.

Genres accepted:  I am fairly open to reading anything.  My preference, though, is for Contemporary Romance and YA Fantasy and Contemporary.  I do not prefer to read anything extremely graphic.

Please contact me should have you any questions or require further information.