Book Review Policy

If you are a publisher, publicist, or author interested in having me review your book, please contact me.  Read everything below prior to sending a request.

My reviews include publication information, the Goodreads synopsis of the book, my star rating, my personal thoughts/opinions of the book, and whether or not I would recommend the read.  All book reviews will be completely honest.

I will read and post the review in as timely of a manner as I am able. If there is a specific date that it needs to be completed by, please state those details in your request.

In addition to my blog, reviews may also be posted on my Goodreads account, on retailer websites (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), and mentioned on my social media accounts.

Accepted formats:  A hard copy (ARC or finished copy) is preferred.  However, I will accept Kindle formats, as well.

Age Categories/Genres accepted:  I prefer to read and review the following age categories and genres:

  • Adult Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, and Mystery;
  • Young Adult Contemporary and Fantasy;
  • Middle Grade Fiction;
  • Chapter Books;
  • Early Readers; and
  • Picture Books.

*Note: I prefer not to read anything extremely graphic.

Please contact me should have you any questions or require further information.