Favorite Fall Scents to Make Your Home Smell Festive

I live for the cooling temps, changing leaves, and yummy treats of Fall!

To help get you in the spirit of the season, I’m sharing a few of my favorite Fall scents to make your home smell festive!

Photo: Novelly Yours Candles

Novelly Yours Levi's Pumpkin Mocha Breve

Scents: freshly brewed coffee, pumpkin spices, mocha

THIS CANDLE!  I cannot express enough how much I love Levi’s Pumpkin Mocha Breve.  To give you an idea, though…Novelly Yours turned this scent into custom candle favors for my wedding!

The coffee scent is definitely the most prominent.  Combined with a sweetness from chocolate of the mocha and the pumpkin spices, it gives a subtle but delicious nod to Autumn.  It’s also inspired by one of my favorite YA contemporary books: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. 

Photo: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works The Perfect Autumn

Scents: fresh cranberry, spiced pumpkin, crisp apple

This year, I decided to add some Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works to our home so I could have a perpetual festive smell in my home.  I ordered online so I took a stab in the dark at some of their Fall scented hand soaps and wallflowers and was super happy with The Perfect Autumn products!

The cranberry is very strong but really pretty.  The spiced pumpkin and apple scents seem more muted, but overall this is a great scent of the season.

Photo: Target

Target Opalhouse Fall Day

Scents: bergamot, musk, apple

Are you as obsessed with Target’s Opalhouse as I am!? It’s an awesome brand to up your home décor game without a hefty pricetag.  The candles especially, including Fall Day, are really affordable at only $5 for the 4.1 oz and $10 for the 15.1 oz.

The citrus with a slight floral edge of the bergamot is the top note with a decent apple scent coming through.  I am not always a fan of musk, but because it’s more of an undertone here combined with scents I actually enjoy, I’m good with it!

Photo: Bubble and Geek

Bubble & Geek Pumpkin Pasties

Scents: pumpkin pasties
(cinnamon sugar-covered pastries with sweet pumpkin filling)

I love to shop local and support small business as often as I can, and buying the made-in-WV candles of Bubble & Geek helps me to do both!  Pumpkin Pasties is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite scents for Fall!

To me, the sweet smell of baked goods intertwined with pumpkin is the epitome of Fall scent perfection!  Plain and simple, this candle is amazing!

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I know, at least for us, Autumn is looking different than years past due to COVID-19 precautions and restrictions.  We’re choosing to skip some of the typical Fall fun, like apple and pumpkin picking, and instead opting to just do what we can from home, like spooky crafts, reading seasonal books, and watching witchy flicks. But these Fall scents are a great way to help make our home — and yours — more festive!

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Let’s chat!  What are your favorite scent combos for Fall?  Tell me more in the comments!  If you have a recommendation, drop it below!

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