THE YEAR AHEAD: 2020 at Wild and Wonderful Reads

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I’m not a fan of the whole “new year, new me” thing.  I have a lot of hopes and dreams, but I don’t want or need the added pressure that can accompany resolutions.

2019 was one of the best but most stressful years of my life as I became a foster parent — going from zero to three kids in a matter of three months!  I’ve had trouble finding balance between family, working full-time, reading, and blogging, so the latter two took a big hit.

I like to re-evaluate things at the new year and set reasonable goals.  Here’s what I’ve decided on to kick off 2020:

2020 Reading Goals

  • Read 75 books during the year
    • I lowered this number from last year’s goal, and it’s also less than what I actually read last year.  I want to have a more meaningful reading experience this year, though; quality over quantity, if you will!
  • Complete these reading challenges:
  • Read more of what I already own
    • Finish series I have begun
    • Begin series that have been on my shelves for too long
  • Read what I love, unapologetically
  • Be more selective about ARCs I request/accept
    • Being a major mood reader can be rough on my ARC list!  I’m hoping to reel it in a bit this year so that I don’t have to worry that I’m not doing my part when it comes to ARC obligations.


2020 Blogging Goals

    • Post at least twice per week
    • Review books closer to when I finish reading them
  • Interact more in the blogging community
  • Learn something new to enhance the blog
  • Finish the facelift that I started (in that regard, my blog is currently under construction, so bear with me)


2020 Life Goals

  • Work towards finding balance
  • Make more time for myself
  • Let go and be more present, particularly with my family
  • Be happy


I’m trying to keep the goals simple and attainable.  Here’s to hoping I achieve everything!

But, what about you?  What are your 2020 goals?




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