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Cliché as they may be, tropes are used in writing all the time!  They are common literary devices, though some authors execute them better than others.  And, hey!  That’s okay!  Because readers all have different taste, and what one reader may love, another may hate.

To me, the execution is more important than the type of trope itself.  Sure, I have tropes that I’m less fond of, but I’m not against any!  For instance, I have read more love triangles than I care for.  However, if an author knocks it out of the park, like Mary E. Pearson in The Remnant Chronicles, then I don’t mind!

At the end of the day, though, I am more driven to read a book that features a literary trope I can enjoy again and again.  So, I’m here to share some of my favorite tropes with you!  Here we go!

Flawed & Feisty Heroine

Give me all the badass, weapon wielding, sarcastic leading ladies with a soft spot for helping others.  I am here for the “slay all day” kind of girls.

Some of my favorites:


Enemies to Lovers

There is just something about the banter and angst in enemies to lovers that I adore!

Some of my favorites:


Friends to Lovers

This trope often gives me a major case of “the feels.”  I love seeing relationships grow from friendship to more!

Some of my favorites:


Second Chance Romance

This is another trope where I enjoy seeing how the relationship grows…only in this case, it’s more so a re-ignition.

Some of my favorites:


Unknown/Unexpected Powers

It’s so fun to me to see how characters adapt to unknown or unexpected powers.  I think it’s a trope that allows for a lot of character development!

Some of my favorites:


What about you? What are your favorite literary tropes & books you love that feature them?  Share with me in the comments!



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