MERCH MONDAY: Book Sleeves

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Book sleeves are one of those glorious things that my book loving heart never knew I needed until I had it!  Book sleeves are seriously genius!  Simple but smart.

It’s rare that I leave home without a book or my Kindle.  Obviously, when I do carry books in my oversized purse, I’d like them to be as safe as possible.  And let’s be real — my bag is basically a disaster-zone and overflowing with unnecessary things, much like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag!    So book sleeves are just practical for me.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite small shops for book sleeves (Bonus:  I’ve included a discount code for each!):


Baby My Book is my original book sleeve love & still my go-to shop!  This shop offers 2 sizes — hardback and paperback — with a Velcro closure.  These two sizes have worked perfectly, so far, for the books and e-readers I own.  My favorite thing are the other options available, though!  Some of the book sleeves have an optional pocket (which I adore for storing tabs, bookmarks, charging cords, and ear buds), an add-on purse strap, or some newer designs even have beautiful text/quotes.

Shop here.  Use my rep code — READS10 — to save 10%



I discovered Fandom Sleeves through some of the bookstagrammers I follow.  I fell hard for a couple of the Throne of Glass inspired book sleeves and just had to have them!  This shop offers standard size book sleeves that fit smaller hardbacks and most paperbacks  and has had some of the most fun patterns around!

Shop here.  Use my pal, Larissa’s, rep code — HOOKANDTALE13 — to save 13%



One of my favorite book bloggers and fellow WVU alum, Kim, introduced me to Novel Nuzzler in the Fall.  THIS SHOP MADE WVU BOOK SLEEVES!!!  Four sizes are offered: Rusty (fits mass market paperbacks/Kindle), Sasha (fits trade paperbacks), Leo (fits smaller hardbacks), and Lucky (fits most other hardbacks).  I love the variety in sizes and the unique patterns available!

Shop here.  Use my friend, Malia’s, rep code — MALIA10 — to save 10%

Do you use book sleeves?  Who are your favorite book sleeve creators?


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  1. Elena Y.

    I also carry my books in book sleeves every time I am out =) I enjoy fandom sleeves, novel nuzzler, sweet sequels, fictional boutique and pages remembered s2

    Loved your book sleeve post!!

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