BLOGTOBER: Tips for Getting Out of a Reading Slump

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BLOGTOBER:  Tips for Getting Out of a Reading Slump

Reading slumps are AWFUL!  Sometimes it’s an amazing book that throws you into a slump.  Sometimes it’s the opposite and a terrible book throws you into one.  And sometimes it’s just your mood!  Regardless of the case, slumps are no fun.

Obviously, I’m not an expert, but I have beaten a reading slump or two!  Here are my tips for busting a reading slump:


I have found that pushing myself is the worst!  If I’m not feeling my current read, I walk away from it.  It might not be the right book for me at the moment or maybe not at all.  I have recently learned to DNF books that I truly struggle to read and enjoy, including ARCs and review copies.

Plus, your brain may just need a break — so take it!  Fill the time you normally would have spent reading with something else that you like to do, like binge-watching Netflix, napping, writing, crafting, etc.


Reading a book you know you love can help you to remember why you love reading.  I look at it like a restart — take it back then move forward.

I didn’t do rereads until this year.  In the Spring, I reread Ready Player One — a favorite of mine — and it helped me beat a slump I fell into after I finished a book with some hype and a lot of fans that I didn’t enjoy at all!


I know we all have our favorite genres, but it doesn’t hurt to switch things up when your current reading situation isn’t going well.  The saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  However, if you’re in a slump, things obviously need fixing (or changing).  I’m not saying to jump ship entirely on your favorite genre…maybe just take a row boat to another ship for a little while then row yourself back when you’re ready.


Between review obligations, reading challenges, self-imposed goals, and more, reading can often get away from “us.”  What I mean by this is reading can quickly go from fun to work.  When something feels like work, it’s usually not enjoyable.  When reading isn’t enjoyable, it’s hard to stay motivated to get through a book.

I think it’s perfectly okay to take time for yourself as a reader — to read a book that you 100% want to without worrying about finishing by a certain date or reviewing it.  I feel like you’re less likely to be thrown into a slump if you do you!


In continuing a bit of my last tip, reading should be something you take pleasure in.  If the experience of reading remains positive, it will be harder for a slump to set in.  OR, if you kick it up a notch when you are in a slump, it may just help you come out on top!

Claim a space for reading and make it a happy place.  It may be in a special room or corner in the house, in your bed, or even outdoors.  Create an inviting, comfortable area with pillows and a cozy blanket and set the mood with some candles, a warm drink or some wine, and a go-to snack.  This is something you can do on a variety of levels that can easily be changed up and may just be your saving grace when a reading slump hits hard.


Do you have any tips or tricks for getting out of a reading slump?  Share them so we can all tuck them in our back pockets for when we need them!


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  1. I never experienced a big reading slump, but I love to read an old favorite, when I don’t feel like reading. A court of mist and fury is a book that has helped me a lot.

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