BLOGTOBER: My Self-Care Essentials

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BLOGTOBER: My Self-Care Essentials

This post was prompted by recent stress and my own need for a little extra self-care.

I think it’s really important to know when you need to step away for a little and take care of yourself.  A lot of people feel like they “can’t,” but I truly believe it’s a necessity — it took me a while to get to this point, though.  So, today I’d like to share some of my own self-care essentials!


For me, this is the most important thing.  A lot of our time is spent online these days; it’s a big part of today’s society.  Although I have gotten better, I spend a good bit of time on the internet and social media.  I often feel pressure to post and share in order to maintain a following or “to beat the algorithm,” but while I’m online, I tend to sink into a lot of self doubt as I compare my accounts to others and over analyze the numbers.  I know these aren’t healthy habits.

I have recently learned to take a step back — to unplug and unwind.

Unplugging, for me, is literally putting my phone/tablet/computer down and completely walking away from it.  I stay offline and off social media for however long I feel.  Sometimes it’s only for part of the day, like an evening after work, and other times it’s for several days.  Just this past weekend, I took a break from blogging and spending a lot of time on Instagram.  Instead, I watched some Netflix, read, and napped.  It was just what I needed heading into another stressful week at work.


I feel so much better after I spend some time pampering myself.  I don’t even know if “pampering” is the best way to put it, but I’m referring to taking extra care of my body.  There are so many great things you can buy or make to care for yourself — I’m a fan of face masks, rice bags, and tub time!

The idea is to take the focus off every day stresses and to refocus that attention onto making yourself feel good.  It can be really refreshing to try a new skincare mask and to soak in a hot tub.  I know not everyone likes baths, and that’s fine, but it’s something I enjoy.  I have also found a ton of comfort and relaxation in using therapeutic rice bags.

Depending on your budget, you can make your own goodies (Pinterest is DIY Heaven) or buy some.  I’m not super crafty and like supporting small businesses, so I have a couple favorites that I’d like to recommend:  Fairytale Bath Co. and Bookish Star Designs.  The products from these shops are regularly incorporated into my self-care routine.

Fairytale Bath Co. has some fantastic bath bombs, bubble scoops, and shower steamers that make me feel great and are easy on the wallet.  My favorite product is the Wizard Dust — a product that essentially combines bath bombs and bath salts for an amazing soak.



Bookish Star Designs creates therapeutic rice bags in fun fandom and bookish prints.  To relax, I like to heat the rice bags in the microwave.  I also use them cold (out of the freezer) because I suffer from chronic migraines.  My favorite products are the large rice bag and the eye mask rice bag with straps.




I mean this both figuratively and literally — find a happy place.  My happy place relates to books.  Reading is an escape and something I can turn to when I am feeling overwhelmed.  I also enjoy going to the bookstore, even if I don’t buy anything (but let’s be real, I almost always leave with at least two books).

Life is not easy.  I don’t even want to pretend like it is!  That’s why it’s so important to have something that’s just for you for when life is stressful and toxic.  It can be anything:  reading, writing, exercising, spending time with someone, etc.  Whatever brings you joy, hold onto it and use it when things feel impossible.

My husband probably wishes I had a cheaper happy place!  I could have worse habits, though!

Your turn!  Is self-care important to you?  What are your self-care essentials?  Share with me in the comments!


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