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Who says you have to follow the rules for Blogmas?!  Who even makes the rules for Blogmas?!

I decided that I’d like to participate in #Blogmas this year with very little knowledge of what it’s about and absolutely zero planning.  Clearly, considering my first post is coming your way on December 4th, I’m off to a stellar start!

I decided a long time ago, though, that this blog was for me more than anything, so I am perfectly fine with my “let’s just wing it” Blogmas approach where I post when/what I want between now and Christmas.  My main goals, as always, are to enjoy what I’m doing and put out quality content.


Blogmas 1


WHAT IS BLOGMAS?  Essentially, Blogmas is a challenge (goal?) where bloggers post a festive, holiday-themed post once per day every day in December leading up to Christmas.  There is also “Vlogmas” for the video bloggers/You-tubers.  Some do variations including the Twelve Days of Blogmas, posting every other day, etc.

Again, I failed already at the general timelines because it is December 4th and I am just now posting.  BUT, let’s just throw the rules to the wind and see what happens — yea??!!

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?  I like books, guys!  I am a book blogger!  I plan to try to keep my posts as close to book/bookish-related as possible.  However, I also adore this time of year and the holidays, so I very well may throw some other fun posts in there, too.

If you have any suggestions for posts or things you’d like to see from me during Blogmas, drop it in a comment below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Blogmas post!

Until next time…xo



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