Traveler by L.E. DeLano has been one of my favorite reads so far in 2017.  Although I rate it just under a 4-star book, I still consider it highly enjoyable and recommend it thoroughly.  I have two words for you: Pirate. Finn. *swoons*  I even fangirl over it with one of my booksta-besties, owner of Nox to Lumos Candle Co., Jessie (I about died when I discovered that Jessie’s company has a Traveler-inspired GLITTER MOUSSE candle that I, of course, had to own after reading the book).

The cover for the second book in the Traveler series, Dreamer, was revealed today, and it is perfect.  I prefer when series have covers that are styled similarly, so I was glad to see the likeness from the first book continue here.  I am digging the bright green, too! The designs for the covers in this series are fairly simplistic, but that works for me.  What do you think?

Dreamer by L.E. DeLano

I thought it was great that the reveal came from L.E., herself!  She seemed so excited when she revealed it on Instagram (that is how I found out, at least), and that made me more excited to share the news:

“At long last – the cover for DREAMER!! Also available for pre-order on Amazon! Isn’t it amazing? I am happy dancing right now!” (June 26, 2017; @le_delano)

Dreamer is set to be released April 10, 2018.


FIND Traveler: Goodreads | Amazon
FIND Dreamer: Goodreads | Amazon Pre-Order


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