Here We Go!

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Hello, loves!  My name is Kelly, your host — WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  I am new to the blogging world, but I am so excited to get started.  Here we go!

Why have I decided to create this blog?!  It’s simple…I love books and reading and bookish things, and I wanted a place to share that love with the world!  You know, I didn’t always feel this way, though.  In high school and college, I hated to read.  Crazy, right?!  I didn’t like being forced to read.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy what I was being asked to read.  I didn’t prefer reading over sports or hanging out with my friends.  I would read cliff notes, watch the movie adaptations, had study buddies, and hoped that my notes from class were enough to help me pass; I did any and every thing BUT read.  Now, it’s a different story!

Although I am not reading anything profound these days (I’m 32, but my reading habits tend to be similar to a teenage girl), I am reading.  I truly do think reading is important.  I wish I realized that sooner, but, unfortunately, it took me 28 years to open my eyes to the wonderful worlds and my heart to the amazing characters found in books.

So, expect to see a lot of YA reviews with some mystery and thrillers sprinkled in there.  Expect to see my ridiculous bookmark obsession on display.  Expect to see other features that share my love of books and ALL THE THINGS bookish.

I also hope to hear from you, too!  Share your thoughts and comments.  Send me an e-mail or DM me through my new bookstagram account, @wildandwonderfulreads

Until next time…

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